5 EASY Dreadlock Hairstyles 2022 Home&Women

5 EASY Dreadlock Hairstyles

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here’s how to do 5 EASY dreadlock hairstyles as you are getting ready for the day!

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5 EASY Dreadlock Hairstyles 2022 Home&Women

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  1. Yo you gotta do short loc styles. I’m about 17 months loc and the only one I can do is half up and half down. I heard there is a way you can do a bun w short locs but idk how to do it

  2. I’m pretty sure you won’t reply but I’m 17 and I tried comb coild 2 years ago and filed cause I got to overwhelmed and didn’t know what to do to have it smell good and do morning stuff before school and idk what I should get. my hair Def long enough for me to start

  3. Hey dude I watched you’re video of you’re 1 year transformation I recently just shaved my head to get my next set of locks going a brother is dummy insecure you’re videos are helping tho imma thug it out πŸ’―

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