An Interior Designer’s Own Holiday Home Designed for Herself and Her Family (House Tour) 2022 Home&Women

An Interior Designer’s Own Holiday Home Designed for Herself and Her Family (House Tour)

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An interior designer’s own holiday home, Pavilion House reflects a studious approach to the relationship between architecture, landscaping and the internal environment. Crafted by Nina Maya Interiors and Maya Sternberg Architects, the home captures an escapist experience using an array of sculptural forms.

Situated in Avalon, a coastal suburb of Sydney, Pavilion House stands as an interior designer’s own holiday home, settled in close proximity to the beach. As the beach house sits far back on a 1000 square-metre block, a house tour of the residence begins with a sense of land, space and privacy reminiscent of a luxury hotel. Architecturally, the building champions a pavilion style with an orderly spatial layout and front façade comprised of glass.

Entering Pavilion House, occupants find the kitchen and dining room, followed by the living quarters and, further back, all bedrooms and bathrooms. As an interior designer’s own holiday home, the residence effortlessly proposes a luxury living experience influenced by hotel designs from around the world. A seamless connection between indoor and outdoor space is maintained using doors which stack to their sides – opening the home to the external environment – and a sophisticated treatment of landscape.

Balancing aesthetics and functionality, Pavilion House is a prime example of an interior designer’s own holiday home. Having excavated a large portion of the front of the property, Nina Maya Interiors builds a refined outdoor dining area surrounded by palm trees, white pebbles and a custom marble table. In addition, the landscape features a firepit area and outdoor spa space, complete with a bar, vanity, free-standing bathtub and rain shower.

The lighting of Pavilion House also nods towards its status as an interior designer’s own holiday home. In the lounge, a continuous skylight runs seven metres across the length of the room, inviting natural light to play across the plaster wall. Raw finishes combine with a restrained colour palette to enhance the calming quality of the sunlight and sculptural furniture within the interior design.

Exuding a sense of relaxation, Pavilion House is an uplifting iteration of an interior designer’s own holiday home. Nina Maya Interiors forges a strong connection between both the internal and external aspects of the home, establishing a coherent place of retreat.

00:00 – Introduction to the Interior Designer’s Family Holiday Home
00:35 – Introduction to Nina Maya Interiors
00:55 – The Location of the Home
01:11 – A Brief Based Around That Holiday Feeling
01:47 – Pavillion Style Architecture
02:06 – A Walkthrough of the Home
02:23 – Evoking a Ubiquitous Feeling
02:43 – The Connection Between Indoor and Outdoor
03:15 – The Landscape Architecture
04:05 – A Light-filled Home
04:27 – The Hand Carved Coffee Table
05:14 – Organic, Round Soft Forms
05:34 – Nina’s Favourite Features

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Photography by Felix Forest.
Architecture by Maya Sternberg Architects.
Interior Design by Nina Maya Interiors.
Build by Customconstruction.
Styling by Joseph Gardner.
Landscape Design by Pacific Outdoors.
Joinery by Beaches Creative Kitchens.
Filmed and Edited by The Local Project.
Production by The Local Project.

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An Interior Designer’s Own Holiday Home Designed for Herself and Her Family (House Tour) 2022 Home&Women

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  1. Very Instagrammable but not very homelike. Not all spaces have to be cozy of course but I could not get a sense of living here, only of photographing it.

  2. It is very nice but it is a little bit too white like a snowstorm. I would have introduced a 3rd colour like a grey or darker shade of white maybe. But as long as she’s happy with it that’s the main thing.

  3. The interior lacks the connection. It seems she tried hard to make it special and different just for the
    Sake of specialty/difference. Sorry I don’t found any valuable and classy feature here

  4. The layout of the interior works. However, it needs color. Why not use the colors of nature and bring them indoors? Earth- tone neutrals can work here, Overall, the concept does work. It just needs color.

  5. What a nice airbnb rental. A very luxurious design that one would forget as soon as they left. This is a great example of placing the people and social events first.

  6. With everything that is happening, most of us are a paycheck away from being homeless, hope we are all prepared, get yourself an alternate source of income

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