Our Top COTTAGE STYLE Interior Design Tips | 3 Looks: Coastal, Country Mountain 2022 Home&Women

Our Top COTTAGE STYLE Interior Design Tips | 3 Looks: Coastal, Country Mountain

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Design Spotlight: Cottage Style

This week we are shining the spotlight on Cottage style homes.

Cottage-style homes feel grounded, offering a sense of nostalgia, calm, and authenticity, softened by age, nature, and use.

Their aim is to create textural, light, and airy spaces designed for easy living. These homes can be tucked away in idyllic locations, such as the mountains, by the coast, or the rolling hills of the countryside.

Thumbnail photo: Kate Jackson Design

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0:00 Introduction
1:20 Coastal Cottages
1:53 Coastal Colour Palette
3:15 Architectural Features
3:57 Flooring
4:59 Lighting
6:20 Furniture
7:49 Texture and Materials
9:10 Art & Mirrors
10:26 Accessories
12:53 Living Energy
13:36 Country Cottages
14:13 Country Colour Palette
15:34 Architectural Features
16:30 Flooring
17:07 Lighting
18:43 Furniture
20:12 Texture and Materials
21:26 Art & Mirrors
22:16 Accessories
23:18 Living Energy
24:01 Mountain Cottages
24:26 Mountain Colour Palette
25:48 Architectural Features
26:56 Flooring
28:22 Lighting
29:05 Furniture
30:57 Texture and Materials
31:59 Art & Mirrors
32:38 Accessories
33:38 Living Energy
34:20 Outro

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Our Top COTTAGE STYLE Interior Design Tips | 3 Looks: Coastal, Country Mountain 2022 Home&Women

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  1. Hello everyone! I trust you are having a great week. Today’s video is a longer one and I hope you make your favourite beverage and can enjoy exploring the different cottage styles. I am currently in the process of finishing our Christmas set-up in both of our stores at the moment so was unable to do the premiere today. I look forward to sharing the styles in the coming weeks with you xx have a beautiful weekend!

  2. I love the soft, faded style of the country cottage. Warm washed-out pastels, an of course, old pine pieces, are my favorite!! Thanks for another serene and lovely video, Suzie! πŸ’œβ˜ΊοΈ

  3. Hi and thank you, Suzie! 😍 Although my eye is drawn to the cozy warmth of my adored French, I admire them All πŸ₯° Just give me a room with a view πŸ– .. lol, I’m not asking for much πŸ˜…! I can spot at first glance, your Home Decor store photos. Think I know you well my friend πŸ˜‰?
    I do think your photo Should be in a picture frame however .. Lovely, Beautiful You! ❀️ Thank you for the Inspiration!

  4. I think after Boho and Scandi, Coastal and Hampton and modern organic combine with vintages pieces is big. Your inspiration and details are incredible.

  5. πŸ‘† – NΠ•W А DАВING FОR АLL ВАSΠ’Π•S & АGΠ•S πŸ‘„πŸ’‹gπŸ‘„

  6. πŸ‘† – NΠ•W А DАВING FОR АLL ВАSΠ’Π•S & АGΠ•S πŸ”₯❀bπŸ’¦

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