WEEKLY VLOGMAS pt.1 | 90s hair cut + reading hate comments lol 2022 Home&Women

WEEKLY VLOGMAS pt.1 | 90s hair cut + reading hate comments lol

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WEEKLY VLOGMAS pt.1 | 90s hair cut + reading hate comments lol 2022 Home&Women

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20 thoughts on “WEEKLY VLOGMAS pt.1 | 90s hair cut + reading hate comments lol 2022 Home&Women”
  1. I wouldn’t worry to much about the trolls online the people that read there lies always want to know more and will probably watch your videos and realize what a beautiful soul you are you have a beautiful energy about you and so do all your friends 💖 don’t let them full your shine, shine and sparkle even brighter be even happier healthier and that’s the best come back to negativity 💖 I got my water bottle today have another on the way your package it so well and it’s so beautiful thank you 💖

  2. Look the “hate” you got does make sense. You and Georgia’s videos are becoming identical, the ridiculous amounts of minutes in each video just you singing in the car and besides from that what I find is that at times you try too hard to be relatable. It doesn’t come off as genuine it just comes off as someone that struggles to be themselves without trying so hard to be just like everybody else because these days being relatable means your “likeable”. You getting excited on your last day of your period isn’t groundbreaking..congratulations for being just like every other girl lol

  3. This was one of the comments from the ‘Tattle Life’ website:
    “Aaah the good old “they’re just jealous” argument. The standard chestnut brought out when they can’t think of a valid argument why not every person in the world loves the influencer.
    Not jealous. Nope. Not even a little bit.
    Sophie, you referred to in your vlog that I previously posted in tattle – I would hate my daughters to aspire to be one of these influencers of the Sophie/Georgia/Conagh vein.
    Vapid, self-obsessed and entitled. No thank you.”
    What really made me disgusted is this person said “I would hate my daughters to aspire to be one of these influencers” yet this person is posting anonymously on a website built to complain about people going by their daily lives. Imagine if one of these persons daughters was the one being bullied and harassed by anonymous people online… I wonder how they would feel then. Regardless, every single one of these people that have left a nasty comment about anyone clearly has no life, no values and no morals themselves and they need to seek genuine help to redeem themselves. Sophie, you and your friends are a kind-hearted people, and you have hundreds of thousands of people who support you and love you for who you are. We have your back and will continue to love and support you. Let’s focus on the blessings and positives! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas with Sam, fur babies, family & friends!

  4. Sam movie review on love actually I agree. My bf is the same way when it comes to watching my movies . By love all the Christmas vibes.💛

  5. I’ve stumbled on those websites before and it’s just purely toxic behavior. There have been influencers (not you) that I had to stop watching for my mental health because their lifestyle felt too unattainable to me and I would compare myself. I ended it there. I stopped following them and that was the end of the story. People on those forms are so out of touch with themselves and they don’t realize their just feeding off of each other’s negative emotions which makes everything worse.

    I wish people would be kinder online and if someone isn’t for you, just stop following and move on.

  6. So soul destroying to see hateful and negative things about yourself…. Just remember that you are flourishing and the love and support here for you outweighs the poisonous negativity by a thousand!
    Those comments say more about the person writing them then you. Please don’t read them! (Think of them as a stream of sewage that has nothing to do with your beautiful life and intentions. 💗💗💗)

  7. Me and another 250k people keep watching your vlogs because you are funny, kind and genuine. Don’t doubt yourself. I always remind myself that the way someone treats you, says more about them than it does about you. 💖

  8. Sophie you are so lovely. Those people don’t hate you — they hate themselves. Please don’t let them drag you down 🤗

  9. I love watching your videos, I’ve been watching since 2019 🥰 don’t listen to the hate comments x

  10. Stupid trolls. Remember it’s a reflection on them, I am astounded that parents behave in such a way also.

    Chatty are my favorite!

  11. I’m the same I feel bad going to the hairdressers when my hair is oily! I wash it before hand too 😂

  12. You are without a doubt one of my favourite YouTubers and your positive energy shines through in every vlog ✨ It baffles me that anyone could say anything nasty about you so please try not to listen to it (easier said than done I know) Sending lots of love your way 💕

  13. Those websites are so horrible! Just pure hate for no reason. Hope you’re alright! Can’t imagine that, you are lovely

  14. The people writing all of that stuff on the website literally have nothing better to do with their lives than bitch, gossip and tear other people down. It really is weirdddd behaviour and If I were them I’d be very concerned with who I was and why I spent my spare time on that website over I don’t know? literally anything else???
    Try not give it a second thought Soph, you are a light in the midst of other peoples darkness they choose to put in the world❤

  15. I agree, it’s easier to watch something chatty while I’m doing something as opposed to having to watch what’s happening in the video and stop /go back if I miss something

  16. You are incredible soph, every time I see your name pop up it just makes me incredibly happy you are so real and I just love watching you, those people who leave hate comments or have nothing nice to say are just bored with their own lives
    Love you ❤️❤️

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